Offered with a uniques set of values.

We love technology and want to work for you and you business

Customer Service is in our DNA and we think you will love what we offer.

We can tailor a bespoke solution for your IT Support need and budget

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Below is a selection of the services we offer


From installing your average Microsoft Office Suites to assisting with custom built software implementation. We can make sure that your software installations go smoothly. We can also manage the planning and systematic requirements to ensure your software is maintained and patched preventing security holes and potential unplanned downtime. Our experienced team will be able to advice you on potential new software packages that could give you the edge.


Server Configuration

We are experts in configuring many types of servers including Domain Controllers, Remote Desktop and File Servers. We can help you setup a simple file server to improve collective team working all the way up to providing you with high powered cloud server to allow your business to work from just about anywhere. Just call us to arrange a free meeting and we can start to discuss your requirements. Getting your server configuration correct is essential to get the most out of your investment in your IT system!

Desktop User Support

End user support for your whole business. Our team will be on hand to give confidence to the ‘fearful of IT’ staff right up to the most techie user. Using our support services can help your staff feel at ease with computer changes and help them progress their own set of skills to become more productive. We will promptly diagnose both software and hardware and even fix your PC using our special remote control software to get you back up and working as quickly as possible!


Malware and Virus Removal

We can not only help you with preventive protection against virus and malware infection but with cleaning the machine should an unfortunate infection happen too. Our approach is not only to advise and assist with the best protection for your working processes but to encourage and train your staff to be proactive in protecting the company from Malware and Virus. Our speedy response and experience on that occasion when a virus does break through, will be the difference your company needs to keep on running.

3 Key Reasons To Choose Us

1. To treat all customers with respect.

No one likes being treated in a rude manner nor made to feel stupid. So we promise to always be polite and cheery in any of our dealings. We will never make anyone feel stupid or baffle you with technical jargon. It is our duty to be the IT experts but a good expert can enable you to make the correct informed decisions by giving you all of the information required without the unnecessary technical jargon.

2. To be fair and honest.

Put simply, we promise to never put our own interests before your own. Our advice and support will always be to benefit you and your business. We pride ourselves on providing a service that can be trusted to help you get the most out of your IT systems and budgets. You will always have the confidence in knowing any recommendation we make is done with your interests in mind and not just for our own personal gain.

3. To maintain a leading edge in technical knowledge

We promise to continually develop and study new IT solutions. This continual effort to be at the forefront of our IT industry means your business will never be left behind. As part of this promise, we will ensure that needless changes are not made just for the sake of ‘keeping up’ but instead we promise to take a sensible approach to innovative systems that will benefit you and your business.